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About Us

Simplify 8 Inc, was founded by two best friends, Qin and Nuke in 2014,with an aim for more usable and easier AI analytics for media. Not just online, but all mediums such as Radio, TV, Newspapers and many more.

Qin lived and worked in London, UK, and until now was based in multiple cities across Europe. Nuke had also spent most of his time in Europe, before the two friends decided to head to SE Asia, where the need for good AI and Analytics was in high demand.

What started as a venture into developing AI for Media Analytics, has now turned into a multiple product company, that doesn't just deliver AI Media Analytics, but also the only Enterprise Grade Server/Storage solution to provide all it's clients with NO DATA LOSS guarantee & 25 thousand YEARS of data validity on your hard drives. No other tech company can match this level of guarantee.

To find out more about our products, please head over to our products page. Or, if you would like to find out more about us and our product, please go the contact section and complete the form. One of our staff will be more than happy to speak with you further.

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Our Products

CUBA - Is our flagship AI Media Analytics tool. It short for Cloud Based Analytics. Our customers range from PR/Ad Agencies, to small & larges corporates who need real time media analytics on their brand, clients and or product line.

Our AI Media Analytics tool can read and translate 180+ languages, including special characters or script text, like Arabic or Japanese. We can read and translates over 75+ attributes within any given media file, giving the huge advantage over any of our competitors.

For more Information, head over to cubalytics.io

CUBA Hype - Is our Social Media account manage & amplifier. It was developed by the needs of our clients. Yes you have other brands (The owl logo brand), but CUBA Lite, does all the Owl can do plus 90% more.

This product compliments our CUBA AI Media Analytics by allowing you to use the information gathered, and targeted your chosen audience or tailor each post for those audience. CUBA AI Media Analytics provides you the ammunition, and CUBA Lite provides the AMPLIFIER to deliver your message across your chosen medium.

For more information, head over to cubahype.co

SX5 - SX5 is our next generation Enterprise Grade Server/Storage solution. It is the only solution you need when it comes to reliable data servers/storage, because it is the only solution that provides a NO DATA LOSS guarantee. PLUS, 1 Petabyte mirrored, cost 60% less than other big name competitors on the market, who cannot guarantee you with NO DATA LOSS or our standard 4 Years Free Maintenance and Spare Parts. What are you waiting for? Cut those data server/storage bills in half! Instantly!

For more information, head over to www.sx5.io

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